Nowadays, people are getting more and more engaged in their work-life. They have to deal with a busy schedule, and it is getting hard to get some time for themselves. Due to this, people are experiencing stress and anxiety, which drags them towards things like alcohol or drugs. Gradually, it pushes them towards addiction. Even though they know it is harmful, they still can’t get over it.

Where can you get the appropriate treatment for dual diagnosis?

As the problems of people getting affected with dual diagnosis disorder are increasing, many rehabs and treatment centers have been established. Concise Recovery rehab in San Fernando Valley has helped many drug addicts and alcoholics get rid of their addictions with proper treatment.

What is dual diagnosis disorder?

Dual diagnosis disorder is a condition in which a person suffers from mental illness, as well as addiction to a certain substance. It is also known as a co-occurring disorder or comorbidity, as both addiction and mental illness stay linked. By fixing one problem, the other also gets fixed.

According to a survey, a theory was published in the journal of the American medical association:

  • Nearly 50 percent of people having mental illness have a history of substance abuse
  • Among all the people with mental illness, nearly 29 percent were (or are) addicted to alcohol.
  • 37 percent of all alcoholics are suffering from a mental disorder
  • 50 percent of all drug addicts are also suffering from mental illness.

How to recognize if someone has dual disorders?

It is quite difficult to identify the disorder as its symptoms vary from person to person according to the mental illness they are suffering from and the substance they are addicted to. However, there are certain criteria with which you can have a rough idea if the person is having dual diagnosis disorder or not. So here are those points:

  • A person using drugs just to cope with his or her past traumas
  • Getting any relationship between the substance that is being used and the mental illness. Like when the person is taking the substance, he is feeling more uncomfortable, losses it’s controlled.
  • Feeling depressed and anxious even during the mid of the drink or when they are sober.
  • If the person got any kind of treatment previously to get rid of the substance abuse.
  • If he is getting depressed and becomes uncomfortable when he missed his daily dosage of the substance.

How to treat dual diagnosis disorder?

In the treatment process, both mental illness and substance abuse is treated spontaneously. For the mental illness, the person should ask to do meditation, self-care therapies should spend time doing his favorite things with his loved one. And for substance abuse, they should get therapy for the management of withdrawal effects and behavioral therapy.


With proper treatment, the disorder can be treated completely. Contact treatment centers near you to help people you know with the dual-order disorder.