Your teeth can be yellow or discolored for any reason. Most likely, you wish they were whiter. But what if you lack the resources to pay for a costly dental procedure or a long-lasting method from a store? What if, of all places, you do not feel more comfortable placing all those additional chemicals in your mouth? If you are, take home teeth whitening in Fort Lauderdale for an easy fix!

Below are natural teeth whitening options you might want to consider if this describes you:

  • Charcoal to clean your teeth

It may seem illogical. Charcoal is black, after all. Will that get on your teeth somehow? Actually, charcoal’s abrasiveness is just right to clean your teeth of plaque and yellow stains.

Avoid touching your gums as you gently rub the carbon onto the teeth for around a minute. Then proceed with your regular brushing routine. You will notice that your teeth appear whiter if you do this frequently.

  • Sodium bicarbonate/hydrogen peroxide cleaning

Baking soda is a common whitener in toothpaste purchased from stores. You could add some of that to your toothpaste to achieve the same result! Make your DIY whitening toothpaste by combining hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Just watch out that the chemical you choose is not overly abrasive, or your teeth could get damaged. Instead of eroding them, you would be whitening them!

  • Fruits in your teeth care.

Numerous fruits, particularly citrus fruits, can also assist in whitening your teeth. There are several approaches you can take. Start by cleaning your teeth with the inside of a citrus peel. If you go this route, be sure to brush your teeth afterward because the acid might harm your teeth if it is not removed. Additionally, because it takes a few days to start working, you must use it each time you clean your teeth for at minimum a week.

If you dislike citrus, try masticating strawberries and brushing your teeth with the resulting paste for a few minutes. Once more, remember to brush afterward!

  • Oil pulling in your teeth care.

Oil pulling is a recent development in the field of natural dentistry, despite frequent doubts about its efficacy. Although the fad is new, the approach is not. Basically, before brushing your teeth, swish a teaspoon of coconut oil around your mouth for ten to fifteen minutes.

Try some of these techniques, but no matter which whitening regimen you use in your life, never stop brushing, flossing, or going to the dentist!