Cavities do occur. Fortunately, you can cure them with tooth-colored fillings and regain your smile. Even though fillings are designed to last for a long period, there are specific situations when they may come loose. If this happens to you, visit a Denver, CO dentist.

Why exactly would a filling loosen?

Several factors might cause a tooth filling to come free. Potential causes can include tooth grinding at sleep or a new cavity growing underneath or close to the filling. Whatever the outcome, you should still visit a dentist so they may substitute the filling because the outcome is the same.

Other causes of a loose or absent filling might be:

  • Accidents, trauma, and facial injuries
  • Consuming meals that are crunchy, sticky, or hard
  • Chewing firmly while eating

A chemical reaction that has an impact on how well the filling adheres to the tooth

When a filling begins to loosen or slip out, it is typically rather evident. Some patients may catch it when eating, brushing their teeth, or flossing. Nevertheless, it is not always obvious, particularly if the filling was modest, to begin with.

If any of the following apply to you:

  1. Experience Acute Pain

Your tooth needs a filling to protect it because it has been treated. In particular, the tissues beneath the missing filler are now exposed to environmental elements like air, pressure, cold, and heat. This may result in unexpected dental discomfort that appears out of the blue.

  1. Observe a Hole or Crack in Your Tooth

It is likely that you lost your filling if you open your mouth while looking in the mirror and discover a noticeable hole or fracture in your tooth. Additionally, you ought to be able to detect the filling with your tongue.

  1. Be sensitive to both warm and cold food and drinks

As previously noted, your tooth’s interior is vulnerable to heat and cold without a filling. This implies that you can have heightened sensitivity when sipping your morning coffee or indulging in some ice cream.

  1. Discover that Food Sticks Wherever the Filling Should Be.

Food can occasionally become trapped in your teeth following a meal or snack. When a filling is absent, nothing is different. It might be gone if you find that food fragments keep getting stuck in the exact same place where your filling was. Ensure to reach out to your dentist to seek help for falling-out filling and find the appropriate treatment.