Weight loss drugs and supplements are nothing new. Many have proven to be fake and even ended up getting removed from the shelves. However, Mounjaro isn’t just your everyday weight-loss medication. First, it is approved by the FDA for treating diabetes, and this shows that it has some legitimacy. It is still fighting to get approved for weight loss, and this is likely to be granted. For the millions of obese people in the USA, this drug is God-sent. This injectable drug is extremely popular. In fact, we routinely run out of stock.

But what is Mounjaro? And where did it come from? Does it even work? Let’s answer these and more questions in this piece.

What Is Mounjaro?

Mounjaro, also known as Tirzepatide, is meant to be used as an antidiabetic drug that treats type 2 diabetes. Along with a few other new drugs, it was approved by the FDA for diabetes treatment in mid-2022. The EU, Australia, and Canada would approve its use towards the end of 2022. The FDA considers Mounjaro a first-in-class medication, meaning it has a new and unique mechanism for treating diabetes. It works by improving the blood sugar control.

At Ivim Health, we also market the medication as a weight loss drug, and this is because it has proven to be extremely effective in weight management. Users of the medication have reported an average of 21% weight loss (25 pounds in 52 weeks). Participants who take the maximum dosage report better results. Studies have shown that it is among the most effective weight loss medications available on the market today. Unlike other medications, it works on both the GIP and GLP-1 receptors to curb appetite.

The best candidates for Mounjaro are people with BMIs of over 30. If your BMI is above 27 and you have medical issues related to obesity, you will also benefit from this medication. Keep in mind that it can be dangerous for people who have had pancreatitis or those currently suffering from the condition.

How to Take Mounjaro for Weight Loss

You can purchase this medication at Ivim Health. You’ll qualify for a discount when you purchase the drug on our site. Remember that the Mounjaro weight loss price on our site is quite favorable, even before the discount is applied.

Once you get the drug, you’ll have to figure out how it is administered. It is meant to be injected subcutaneously once a week. You or another person can inject it in the abdomen, thigh, or back of the upper arm.

Make sure you consult with a nutritionist or healthcare professional who is familiar with the medication. They can guide you on its suitability and interaction with other drugs.

Mounjaro is an FDA-approved medication that is primarily used to treat type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that it is also extremely effective in weight management. It works by curbing appetite. Mounjaro is administered through injection (subcutaneous only). For more information about Mounjaro, talk with the experts at Ivim Health to hear more about their personal health plans to promote wellness.